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PLO – 6H 50 BB (POT)


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Preflop 50 big blind 6-handed PLO HI cash game ranges where the first-in raise size is POT for all positions. The ranges are delivered in .mkr (Monkersolver) format.


Buckets: 100/50/50

Texture: P/L/L

I/N: 50+

Rake: 0%

Edits: When there is a raise and two calls preflop, the SB must play raise or fold. When there is a raise and a 3-bet preflop, only one player may cold-call, all other players must play raise or fold. 4-bets can not be cold-called. In multi-way pots postflop, a player may not call a bet with two or more players left to act behind.

Quality Guarantee:

At any point in the game tree a player can make at least one bet, or call if a bet is not possible. If a version of the solution you purchase with more iterations is available, you can upgrade to these solutions at no additional cost.

Purchase procedure:

After we have received your payment, you will receive a receipt as well as a link to the files you have purchased for download to your registered email.

If you have any questions about any of the ranges available for purchase, or would like to request custom ranges, do not hesitate to contact us at