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PLO – HU 100 BB (2 Postflop Sizings)




Preflop 100 big blind heads-up PLO HI cash game ranges. The ranges are delivered in .mkr (Monkersolver) format.


Buckets: 100/50/50

Texture: P/L/L

I/N: 45+

Rake: 0%

Tree Edits:

The SB has the option to limp first-in. Postflop there are two bet sizes (33%+100%), and two two-bet sizes (40%+100%).

Quality Guarantee:

If an updated version of these ranges with more iterations is released in the future, you will receive an updated copy at no additional cost. Unless otherwise stated, the game tree has not been cut, and there is at least one bet possible for each player at every part of the game tree.

Purchase procedure:

After we have received your payment, you will receive a receipt as well as a link to the files you have purchased for download to your registered email.

If you have any questions about any of the ranges available for purchase, or would like to request custom ranges, do not hesitate to contact us at