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At Solveoptimized we provide services for professional poker players, specializing in, but not limited to solutions for PLO players. Our forte lies in software-assisted studying and software-assisted analysis, currently primarily for the poker solver software Monkersolver.

At Solveoptimized we can help you setup an online server to perform your own analysis with Monkersolver. Alternatively, we can provide you with suggestions and solutions for building your own systems.

We also offer traditional, 1-on-1 coaching/consulting hours, but can also perform a lot of services on your behalf as needed. For example, if you wanted us to setup a server and calculate ranges for you, we can do that.

At Solveoptimized we are also passionate about working with Linux, and can help you get setup with a Linux based system. We can tell you what solutions there are for native software under Linux, as well as help you setup a virtual machine to run Windows under Linux for added security and convenience.

If you have any other enquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us at and we will see how we can assist you.

For all quotes, please use the ‘contact’ button at the top right of the page or email us directly at